As these short-films show, people all over the UK are taking action against climate change

Actions speak louder than words! As these short-films show, people all over the UK are taking action against climate change.

In preparation for the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen in December 2009, the innovate organisation, Undercurrents, are producing a series of 26 short informative videos in an easy A-Z format. ‘A-Z of Climate Change’ has a dynamic CMS website at with new videos being released each week in the run up to Copenhagen. Each episode includes interviews with people about the actions they are taking to reduce their climate impact and the effect this is having.

This “news that never makes the news” is designed for watching online or downloading to a mobile phone, laptop or iPod and the whole series will be shown on the growing networks of community TV channels and online television outlets. Undercurrents, renowned for their creative response to global issues, aim to use the video footage to raise awareness of climate change issues and to build a critical mass of people to take real action and persuade government to make the right decisions with respect to building a greener future.

To give the series of 26 videos a coherence, Undercurrents chose to have a poet as the presenter to explain 26 real steps needed to tackle climate change. Danny Chivers started performing poetry in 2006 and became Oxford Hammer & Tongue Slam Poetry Champion in 2007. He is currently a semi-finalist in the 2009 BBC Radio 4 National Poetry Slam. Danny is also a professional carbon footprinting consultant and holds two environmental Masters degrees.  

Community Channel- the UK’s only nonprofit TV channel have requested the entire series for broadcast in December for a special Climate Change week.  

The final video in the first series will be on the website by December 21st 2009 and then Undercurrents will begin uploading the second series.  



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