About APE projects

These projects are multi-faceted and work in many different ways to raise awareness of the issues surrounding climate change and to help mitigate carbon emissions: from re-growing coral reefs in the tropics to the development of tree nurseries in Brazil; from supporting Plane Stupid and other climate activists in their mission to tackle institutional inertia to creating legislation to protect the global environment. APE is committed to supporting people from across the globe who believe a better world is possible – and who are actively working towards that goal.
A founding principle of APE is to help those suffering from natural disasters, and we are working with NGOs in affected areas so that we can provide direct support where it is needed most. We have recently supported projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti and Chile – to help aid their recovery from hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. When other NGOs and charities have gone, APE hopes to remain a long-term partner, building resilience and sustainable redevelopment in these affected regions.