Mobilising a ‘Global Day of Action’ on climate change

The Campaign Against Climate Change (CCC) aims, quite simply, to mobilise the greatest number of people possible – both nationally and internationally – to put pressure on world leaders to take the necessary action for an effective and equitable emissions reductions treaty, with appropriate mandatory targets for all the nations of the world. To this end they organise ‘Global Climate Demonstrations’ – that are synchronised all around the world at the time of international Climate Talks.

The majority of the work will be focused on building the annual Global Day of Action on Climate, an international day of climate protests during the UN climate talks, and organising the National Climate March in the UK on the same day. At present, CCC are working towards the next Global Day of Action on 6th December 2008 and are already mobilising for the following Global Day of Action, planned to take place during the critical 2009 Climate Talks.


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