Exposing the mechanisms by which corporations ‘greenwash’ their business practices

Corporate Watch is a small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals. They aim to expose the mechanisms by which corporations function and the detrimental effects they have on society and the environment as an inevitable result of their current legal structure.

“Corporate Watch is one of the most effective, and least-resourced, campaigning groups in the United Kingdom.  I am constantly impressed by the quality of their research and the accessibility of their reports.” George Monbiot journalist and author

Even though there have been calls for a moratorium on agrofuels around the world and the EU has been forced to reassess its Biofuel Directive investment remains high and production is increasing. It is crucial that the critique of agrofuels remains in the public, political and economic domain towards effective action resisting the adoption of agrofuels. This project aims to extend and expand public debate and campaign action on agrofuels and their illegitimacy. It will provide information and analysis to the growing opposition to agrofuels by producing a series of well researched, accessible and engaging briefings, posters and a map of UK agrofuels. It will aid the building of a critical mass of understanding and action on agrofuels at a time when they are the subject of intense criticism in the media, the UK parliament, the EU and amongst environmental and social justice campaign groups. Well-informed and active opposition to agrofuels can act as leverage to push the UK government and the EU to rescind their agrofuel targets and undermine confidence in and thereby expansion of the agrofuels industry.

“APE funding will enable Corporate Watch to produce a series of short, illustrated and accessible briefings on the agrofuels industry’s impacts on biodiversity, climate change, food security, along with analysis of the UK corporations involved and UK government policy.” Corporate Watch

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