APE's Blue Whale ProjectArtist Project Earth’s Blue Whale Project is a unique ‘walk-in’ sculpture of the world’s largest living creature, and will feature as part of the Bristol Green Capital 2015 programme. The Blue Whale Project was funded by the Arts Council England’s ‘Exceptional Fund’ for projects of national and international importance.  

Inside the whale, visitors will be immersed in an array of inspirational audio-visual exhibits that evoke the immense beauty as well as the fragility of the world’s oceans. Evocative soundscapes will fuse whale songs and ocean sounds with the music of popular artists. The 30-metre Blue Whale will be located prominently in the pedestrian area at Bristol’s Harbourside next to the @Bristol Science Centre. It will be made primarily of recycled plastics and created jointly by local artists and designers, in close collaboration with Bristol community arts, environmental and digital arts organisations.

At the end of 2015, the Blue Whale will be disassembled and taken to Paris to become a key feature at COP21, the concluding United Nations climate conference and will then travel around the world to raise awareness of the plight of the oceans and how the impacts of climate change and human activity are exacerbating the destruction of these precious, life-sustaining ecosystems. The project has been funded from the Arts Council England’s ‘Exceptional Fund’ for projects of national and international importance.

APE’s Founder, Kenny Young says, “We have developed the Blue Whale Project to allow people to get up close and personal with the beauty and complexity of the oceans. It will be a spectacular and unforgettable interactive experience; one that will inspire people of all ages, and showcase ways to make the right choices for the good of the oceans”.  APE Trustee and Co-Founder, Herbert Girardet says, “The fate of the oceans and that of humanity is inextricably linked. The damage we are doing to world’s oceans affects both aquatic life and human life alike. The Blue Whale project will be an inspirational exhibition and experience designed to motivate people to be part of the solution.”

To express an interest in participating in this project in any way, please email info@apeuk.org

To celebrate the launch of our Blue Whale Project – and the 50th anniversary of the release of Under the Boardwalk, written by APE’s Founder, Kenny Young, we have produced Under the Boardwalk All Stars, featuring the great artists who have recorded this song over the years. Check-out the video, which was made in the hope that we will be able to fall in love ‘under the boardwalk’ for another 50 years to come!






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