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Here’s some of the content from our very first one.

Welcome to the first issue of Carbon Copy – the Artists Project Earth Newsletter – in which you will find updates of our activities, funding rounds, projects and other news. Please tell all your friends about us and encourage them to sign-up for the Newsletter via our website.


To date, Artists Project Earth has funded 178 projects globally, that are addressing the root causes of climate change or raising awareness about the issue. Projects range from a tree-nursery in Brazil to support for Plane Stupid climate-change activists in the UK; from sponsoring an award-winning Climate Radio station in Africa to facilitating climate awareness via Chinadialogue.net. The ‘Projects’ section of our website gives up to date details of all the projects and organizations APE has funded so far.

Now, we are open for our next funding round – the deadline for which is 1st February 2010 with successful applicants receiving their funding by early April 2010. If you know of, or work for a project or organization that is effectively addressing the multi-faceted issues of climate change, then why not apply for funding?

After all, in the words of SolarCentury founder, Jeremy Leggett, after the COP15 Climate Conference, “It would seem probable that ‘trigger’ leadership on carbon reduction is up to people like us now, all acting within our different circles of influence. If we can create enough of a push, governments will have to respond. Meaningful, bottom-up progress is not just possible, but holds the potential for magical surprises in the crucial few years ahead.”

APE is here to help that ‘bottom-up progress’.




Beyond the debates, protests and walk-outs, there was much to be inspired by at COP15.

The carbon footprint of the COP15 climate conference was huge – and if the mainstream media is to be believed, little was achieved. Yet it is worth knowing that there were many NGOs and businesses represented in Copenhagen that were offering workable solutions to climate change – and that these initiatives are already being put into practice all over the world.

It was genuinely exciting to see a vision of the future that is developing: cargo ships fitted with wind sails that can reduce emissions by up to 50% in good conditions; biofuels made from algae which can be grown in polluted water or sea water; super-thin solar cells that can be adhered to blinds, so that when a room needs shading from the sun, the blind can also generate electricity; methane collection from landfill sites used to generate municipal heating and electricity; seawater greenhouses in the deserts that use the sun’s energy to evaporate sea water into rainwater to grow crops and reforest the desert.

But the future is not solely about ‘techno-fixes’ – many solutions are based on changes in our thought-patterns and cultural ideologies: climate education must become part of the national curriculum; we must commit to a vegetarian diet for at least one day a week (“meat-free Monday”) and we must elect leaders with the courage to move beyond “old-paradigm thinking”.


We have the technology, we have the vision – but we now need new leaders who have the courage to move us beyond the fossilized thinking of the 20th century.




Rhythms Del Mundo albums top the million sales mark

APE is pleased to announce that the combined sales from the albums Rhythms Del Mundo – Cuba and Rhythms Del Mundo – Classics have now reached the one million unit sales mark. “These albums have topped the charts in many countries and continue to sell really well,” said APE founder, Kenny Young. “APE would like to thank the great artists and musicians who have so generously supported our cause, and all those people who have bought the albums. Now we are working hard to ensure that in turn, we support some of the best projects in the world that are working to fight climate change.”

Herbert Girardet, Trustee of APE and member of the World Future Council said, “When people work together in creative ways, great things can happen. The simple act of downloading a track of wonderful music or buying the RDM CDs really can make the world of difference to those people suffering on the frontline of climate change.”

For more information about the albums visit”







APE has planted 350 trees through the auspices of the Trees For Life organization, in support of the 350.org campaign. APE has also registered the planting of these trees with the United Nation’s Seven Billion Trees campaign – which we have just heard, has now reached its goal of planting 7 billion trees in 170 countries worldwide. APE will continue to plant trees in our grove to compensate for some of our activities which inevitably include the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  For more details visit: http://www.treesforlife.org.uk/groves/ape.html




On April 22nd 2010, billions of people all over the planet will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day – which is the most widely observed secular holiday in the world. For the 40th anniversary celebrations, APE will be partnering with the Earth Day Network to sponsor the Earth Day Global Art Awards.

There will be three categories for the Awards:

Earth Art
A piece of art in response to climate change.
Short Film
Up to 350 seconds of footage – animation, documentary, story-telling or any genre  – in response to climate change.
A garment or accessory that has been designed and made to be climate-friendly.

There are two age groups in each category: Up to 16 and 16-25 with prizes sponsored by APE. Winners will be announced at the 40th Earth Day in Washington DC and winning entries will be exhibited in The Washington Mall.






10:10 is a simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010. Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but it’s an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need over the next 18 months.

Politicians have so far failed to do what needs to be done, so it’s time for businesses, organisations and people all over the UK to step in and show that we’re ready to defend our future.

By signing up to this 10% target the team at APE is determined to reduce its carbon footprint. We will endeavour to have video-conferences instead of travelling to meetings, and where we do need to travel, we will try to go by public transport. We will be looking into the production processes of the albums we produce to ensure that low-carbon systems are used wherever possible and we will source products and services locally and ethically. In short we will be looking at every aspect of the organisation to ensure that our carbon footprint is as light as possible.

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but by uniting everyone behind immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference.

Why not sign up at www.1010uk.org




It is important to remember that not everyone has access to information about climate change. China has the largest population of internet users and social networkers on the planet with over 400 million youth using this technology, but, there is a huge lack of climate change information translated into Chinese and a great thirst for knowledge about this subject amongst China’s youth.

A passionate young Chinese delegate at the COP15 Conference made a heartfelt request to the world’s environmental organizations, NGOs, businesses and charities: that you translate your websites and subtitle your films into Chinese – so that China’s young people can get a clearer idea of what is happening around the world and how we can work together to mitigate climate change.

This is an idea that most organizations could afford to do – and in the process engage with an audience whose future choices will affect the whole planet. So if you have a website that deals with environmental and climate change issues, now is the time to translate your website into Chinese. It will really be greatly appreciated.

Contact Shane Zhao, Executive Director, China Youth: xiangyu@cycan.org




The Global Humanitarian Forum’s ‘Youth Forum’ is a new platform where young people from all parts of global society come together to help solve humanitarian problems in creative ways. With unique access to the GHF, the Youth Forum engages with some of the most important decision makers in the world.  Global Humanitarian Forum.  The Youth Forum currently focuses on the human impact of climate change.

In June 2010 GHF will host Young Adults 4 New Results, Youth Forum 2010 – bringing together 150 diverse young adults from all corners of the world to come up with creative ideas and solutions on tackling climate change. The event will take place from 28 June – 1st July in Geneva, Switzerland. GHF is looking for 18-30 year-old committed, smart and action-oriented individuals. The conference topic will be ‘Overcoming chronic vulnerability together: Climate – Energy – Human – Security’. So please apply if you would like to participate! The application form will be online from February 1st –March 1st 2010 at www.ghfyouthforum.org





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