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APE’s work during 2015 focussed on the Bristol Whales Project  and  developed in partnership with Bristol European Green Capital 2015 and Arts Council England. We also introduced our first APE TALKS. In the Summer of 2015 the life-size sculpture showing two whales swimming in a sea of 70,000 recycled plastic bottles were displayed in Millennium Square in Bristol. The sculpture spread the message about the detrimental impact of plastics in the ocean. The whales can now be seen at their new home alongside The Portway in Bristol.
We are currently not accepting applications for funding but following the launch of RDM Oceans expect a new funding round to be considered towards the end of 2016.



Due to the significant increase in applications for funding, APE will now only be able to accept the first 100 applications it receives for funding in any one round – of which around 30 projects will actually be selected for funding.

In order to open space for new and innovative projects, please note that we are unable to accept applications from previously-funded organisations. If your organisation applied for  a project that was not funded, your organisation may reapply – but not for the same project.

  • For projects applying from non-English speaking countries, please consider using Google Translate to access the Application Form. Once you have completed the form in your language, please Google Translate it into English and email to
  • Para los proyectos de solicitantes procedentes de países que no hablan inglés, por favor, considere el uso de Google Translate para acceder al formulario de solicitud. Una vez que haya completado el formulario en su idioma, por favor, Google lo traduzca al Inglés y correo electrónico para
  • La aplicación de los proyectos de los países que no hablan inglés, por favor considere usar Google Translate para acceder al formulario de solicitud. Una vez que haya completado el formulario en su idioma, por favor, Google lo traduzca al Inglés y correo electrónico para
  • Pour les projets applicables à partir de pays non-anglophones, s’il vous plaît envisager d’utiliser Google Translate pour accéder au formulaire de demande. Une fois que vous avez rempli le formulaire dans votre langue, s’il vous plaît Google de le traduire en anglais et e-mail à

Please feel free to send us a link to a 2-minute video telling us all about your project. We appreciate that it is not easy to convey the depth, commitment and passion for a project in a brief Application Form. So, you can now send us a link to your video and ‘wow’ us with your team, vision and expertise! See the Application Form for more details. (Please note: your application will NOT be penalised if you decide not to send a video link. This is entirely optional.)

Please see below for guidance regarding our application procedure.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcomed from organisations working:-

  • To prevent the causes of climate change
  • To defend communities and ecosystems against the impacts of climate change
  • To support and build resilience for communities affected by natural disasters

These are broad topics and may include, among other things, projects that:-

  • Create awareness of the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change
  • Create political and social awareness of the need for rapid change and preparedness
  • Lead to the adoption of low carbon technologies and lifestyles
  • Prepare vulnerable communities and ecosystems for climate impacts
  • Protect ecosystems at risk from climate change
APE has created a new category for funding called ‘Inspiring Change’ where we are looking for projects that can make a real difference in the world: projects that show how artistic creativity can come to the aid of our beleaguered planet. We will give priority to applications that:
  • Combine creative ideas such as art/theatre/music and activism
  • Ideas for new methods of public participation in creating a more just and sustainable world
  • Projects that inspire positive changes in people, organisations, businesses and policy-makers.
  • Projects that provide solutions to environmental problems.
  • Projects that create green jobs for young people.
Rules For Applications
  • We regret that we cannot accept applications from individuals unless they are working in close partnership with a recognised and accountable organisation.
  • We request that organisations only submit one application per funding round.
  • Organisations that have previously received funding may not apply for further funding. Organisations that applied unsuccessfully for funding may reapply, but not for the same project.
  • As part of our Terms & Conditions, organisations selected to receive funding must provide a follow up Project Report six months after receipt of funds.
  • Two references per project are required. It is your responsibility to ensure that referees send in their references by the deadline noted above. Applications received without references will be disqualified.
  • References from members of the APE team, Advisory Board or Trustees are not acceptable.

 What Else Are We Looking For?

APE evaluates projects on many criteria including:

  • Originality and ambition
  • The track record of the applicant
  • The likelihood that the project will produce long lasting social or political change
  • The degree to which APE funding will make a substantial difference to the project, will strengthen the applicant organisation or will enable future work


How to Apply

Please follow the instructions regarding maximum number of words/pages as we regret that we will not be able to process any applications not following this format or received later than the deadline. Please do not submit anything further than what we ask for.

To apply for a grant, please send us the completed Application Form by email only (to be received on or before the deadline for applications).

Download our application form as a Word Document.

Download our application form as a PDF.

Please note that at the end of the application form there is a Reference Form. Please forward this form to two referees of your choice, ensuring that they are aware that references need to be received at the APE office by the above deadline. Applications received without references will be disqualified. It is your responsibility to ensure that referees send in their references on time.

Please send your Application Form by email to

Please ensure that your referees send their references in directly to by the above-mentioned deadline.

We look forward to hearing about your project.


What Size Grants are Available?

The size of grants given by APE depend on the total funding available, the number of applications and the strength of the project.

To date our grants have been in the range of £500 to £20,000.

You are advised to approach other grant-making organisations. It is likely that APE will partially-fund most projects. However, if a funded project does not go ahead due to lack of matched funding, you will be required to return the APE grant.


What Happens After Applications are Received?

Shortly after the deadline for submissions, APE’s trustees and advisors will meet to finalise the budget and timeline and will review the applications that we have received.  Following this we will contact you to let you know whether your application has been successful or not. However, it can take 2-3 weeks following the outcome of the Advisory Board Meeting for letters to applicants to be sent out. We intend to release the funding as soon as possible.

Details of projects which receive grants will be posted on this site.

If you have any queries regarding the application procedure, please contact us at

You can sign up to our newsletter (at the top of the page) to receive notice of upcoming funding opportunities.


APE requires that ALL funded projects return a Report Form six months after receipt of funding or on completion of the project, whichever is first:

Download report form as a Word Doc.
Download report form as a PDF.