A unique community project combining coral reef regeneration and the arts.

The Marine Foundation is an eco-arts organisation with a new approach to marine conservation where creativity is at the center and the catalyst for conservation, sustainable resource management and social change. We offer a visionary approach to restoring marine habitat by the creation of bespoke underwater sculptures that are designed with scientific innovation making the artworks into coral and fish nurseries, replenishing our seas and therefore a way for us to creatively invest in the future health of our underwater habitat. The project is pioneering a new arena for eco-marine tourism through interactive eco-art that sustains communities and the marine ecosystems on which they depend.

‘Living Sculptures In The Sea’ is an international program of underwater sculptures supported by the ‘Art for Oceans’ program which engages a  wider discipline of creative arts. Art has the power to convey information in a subtle yet dynamic way and it is this relationship to the arts that makes this concept so unique.

Art underwater invites experiences that are not possible on land; to swim over, swim through and dive down and interact with marine life that lives within and on the artworks, gives unique and ever changing dimensions to the sculptures. An eco-art platform where creatives can express and explore their values for the treasures of our blue planet, raises awareness not through fear but via creative engagement and hope.

This grant from APE will help us develop and realise our Art for Oceans Indonesia 2013 program;

  • Art for Oceans photography exhibition tour around award winning eco-hotels. The photography accompanying this program is stunning and inspirational
  • A  program of creative writing workshops, exhibitions and events in the Ubud Writers’ Festival which is the launch of an environmental aspect to this festival
  • The creation of three living sculptures to be made during the first artificial reef sculpture art colony which will be actioned as part of a bigger local festival ‘Vision International image Festival: Angasraya – The Ocean Streams of Freedom’.
  • Building our network within the budding contemporary indonesian art scene, galleries  and art appreciators to find the best 3 artist or collaborations for selection as well as creating dialogue and interest.

The artificial reef sculptures will be sunk in the  underwater  sculpture park being created in Jemaluk bay Amed. The reef in this bay was destroyed when the coral was removed for building materials. The fishing community with the help of Reef Check Indonesia and the Marine Foundation are moving away from their old ways to build a sustainable relationship of stewardship to their local sea, nurturing coral gardens and a place where fish can breed and replenish the destroyed habitat.

The Installation of the mermaid  sculpture in May was highly successful in bringing the community together. The fishermen helped sink the stunning artwork conceptualised by Celia Gregory, the Marine Foundation founder. We commissioned local sculptor Wayan Winten to create the white siren who sits with her dolphins 10m below the ocean surface. The project appeared in national press and is gaining interest internationally.

Indonesia is a thriving economy and the nation’s wealth is increasing. It is resource rich and has some of the most diverse seas in the world but it is also facing serious environmental devastation. As a culture based around the sea, the art world is eager to participate in Art for Oceans program.


The Coral GoddessThe Coral GoddessThe program is ongoing and the APE grant contributed to the Art for Oceans campaign which included a tour of The Marine Foundation’s photographic work, which was launched on World Ocean Day at the Beach-walk mall in Kuta, Bali – and then toured the Allila hotels, both very different venues exposing the issue of ocean conservation and our campaign to a variety of people. The artwork was also featured as part of the Internationally acclaimed Ubud Writers’ Festival at the Five Element hotel as part of a special day dedicated to oceans. Founder, Celia Gregory also gave a presentation on the Living Sculptures in the Sea Program and the underwater gallery in jemaluk Bay, as well as at many other events and venues. The project has also received a great deal of publicity featuring in magazines and online all over the world.

Celia and the Coral Goddess were featured on Discovery on Dec 30 2013 and it is likely the programme will be repeated with an international audience of millions – so the aim of raising awareness about the plight of the world’s coral reefs – and what we can do about it – has been achieved.

The Living Sculptures in the Sea programme and Jemaluk Bay Underwater Gallery are excited to announce a collaboration with a brilliant Indonesia sculptor Eddi Prabandono which will further raise awareness and interest in the eco-tourism destination and sustainable marine management through creativity and postive approach. Our programme continues to support and facilitate the conservation work being implemented by Reef Check and Coral directly with the community of Jemaluk Bay.

The Grant from APE has been fundamental in enabling the continuation of our outreach, promotion and development. 2014 is set to be an exciting year as results of several new partnerships and programmes will be announced, both in Indonesia and further a field.


I, Celia Gregory founder of the Marine foundation am so thrilled to receive the news about the APE grant for our ‘Art for Oceans’ program which incorporates ‘the living Sculptures in the sea’ program that i have spent over five years building. We are really achieving some great work here in Indonesia pioneering the use of art to regenerate marine habitat as well as raise awareness locally and internationally not through fear but through creative engagement and hope. This grant will help us achieve a really exciting new program where we will engage the budding contemporary Indonesian art scene to create three new living sculptures during the first artificial reef sculpture art colony as apart of a bigger local festival Vision International image Festival, Angasraya’ the ocean streams of Freedom’, This would not be achievable without the help from APE and we are so grateful as we can now move forward with a greater confidence and directive that the assurance of funds can provide

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