The project aims to mobilize artists on climate change issues. Specifically, to encourage artists to produce a song about climate change impacts and how communities can adapt and thrive.

This project initiated in the municipality of Abomey-Calavi (southern Benin) is mobilizing artists and local communities to better communicate on climate change impacts and adaptation strategies. Indeed, the municipality of Abomey-Calavi is one of the most seriously affected regions from climate change issues in the country. As the population is largely involved in agricultural activities, they bear the brunt of the negative impacts of climate change.

Communities developing resilienceCommunities developing resilienceSpecifically, the objectives are to encourage artists to produce a ‘sensitization song’ on climate change impacts; to create a guidance document on local response initiatives and to disseminate good adaptation actions to communities of Abomey-Calavi. In order to achieve these objectives, the following activities are defined: conception of a sensitization song; relevant data-gathering near populations; organization of village assemblies; guidance elaboration; radio broadcasts for communities; dissemination of the sensitization song and development of communication materials.

The expected outcomes are that Abomey-Calavi communities will become aware of the impacts of climate change and local responses initiatives.

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The project aimed to mobilize artists on climate change issues. Specifically, the objectives were

  • To incite artists to conceive a sensitization song about effectiveness of climate change impacts;
  • To elaborate a guidance note of local people responses to climate change effects and
  • To disseminate good adaptation actions to communities of Abomey-Calavi.


In order to achieve these objectives, the following activities have been implemented. These are:

  • Organisation of village assemblies:

Two village assemblies have been done. The first one was the first activity of the project that has been done in order to raise awareness of local communities about climate change effectiveness. The second one was the last activity which enabled us to disseminate the local song conceived on climate change issues to populations.

  • Conception and Dissemination of sensitization song:

This is the second activity of the project that consists to gather local artists and inform them about climate change realities. At the end of the meeting, an artist has been chosen to conceive the song for dissemination in local radio.

The song is done in the most speaking local language of Abomey-Calavi. It is mainly about climate climate issues that occurs in Abomey-Calavi especially droughts, floods, agricultural calendar displacement, warmth and their negative effects on populations’ livelihoods.

  • Relevant data-gathering near populations:

This activity was done by a survey that consists both to make a literature review about climatic risks of the region and to interview local populations especially farmers and breeders. Indeed, farming and breeding are the main activities of the sixth ecological and agricultural area in which the municipality of Abomey-Calavi is included.

Unfortunately, due to limited funds, the local adaptation responses guidance has not been done. Indeed, relevant data have been gathered and are now available for guidance note elaboration. But, the lack funds did not enable us to launch consultation for this activity.

  • Radio broadcasts for communities:

Due to lack of money, any radio broadcast was not done. But, the funds were well managed and so, some have been used for song dissemination in the radio during the project.


Data gathering with farmersData gathering with farmersAt the end of the project some results have been got. And, after the evaluation, the objectives mentioned above have been achieved at 67%.

Indeed, face to first objective, artists are mobilized and their awareness raised about climate change issues. Also, a sensitization song has been conceived and disseminated in local radio.

The second objective has not been fully achieved. Indeed, the relevant data have been yet gathered about climatic risks and local adaptation responses but due to lack of money, the guidance note has not been elaborated.

Regarding the last objective, a wide dissemination has been done. Indeed, communities are aware of the impacts of climate change because the local radio covers more than the municipality of Abomey-Calavi. Also, village assemblies that were done enabled us to raise populations’ awareness about climate change issues in all its aspects and the process of knowledge sharing on climate change has been accelerated.



It is a great honor to ACED for have being granted by APE for the implementation of this very exciting project. ACED is a young, dynamic and promising NGO that is working with disadvantaged communities to promote welfare and sustainable development. When we were submitting this project for APE funding we could not guarantee any positive outcome because of the very large number of applications, but we were confident about the relevance of the project and how it matches APE objectives. Therefore when we get the information that a grant is allocated to our project we were very happy. We are very happy to have APE as our third international funder and we look forward working with APE team to contribute to the adaptation of local communities to climate change through enhanced communication. Once again the whole personnel of ACED is thanking APE for supporting us and proud to work with such a relevant organization.

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