A conference of grassroots movements and coalitions on climate change impacts and poverty

Conference of Grassroots Movements and Coalitions on Climate Change Impacts and Poverty.

The Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines (CEC) was set up in 1989 through the initiatives of grassroots communities and environmental advocates. The Center is a service institution based in the National Capital Region, focusing on adult environmental education, national campaigns, research, and advocacy. Its area of operation covers the entire Philippines.

The project is a regional grassroots conference and art initiative which will be held in Asia (North Vietnam, Hong Kong, or the Philippines) in October 2009 as a preparatory civil society action to the Conference of Parties 15 in Copenhagen in December 2009. The activity will convene 60 representatives of Asian organisations to:

1.) Share the impacts of climate change on marginalised grassroots communities,

2.) Assess the effects of current programs and policies on climate change on communities and

3.) Convene an Asia-wide network of climate-affected communities to plan common courses of action. Participants will collaborate with Asian visual artists to create a gigantic community craft mural on the theme of climate change and poverty.

“We thank APE for this support to the conference; this will surely go a long way for inter-cultural expression about this grave environmental concern. All the best to you and everyone who cares so much for our people!” Asian People’s Action on Climate Change

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