Get on your bike – have fun and save the Planet at the same time!

   In its second full year of activities, Bicycology continues to promote cycling, making links with the wider environmental and political picture, most notably climate change. The summer of 2007 was really busy. Bicycology organised a 2-week bicycle tour of the south west, riding from Aylesbury to Exeter and stopping in towns along the way to run a host of public events and activities including Dr Bike sessions, bike–powered film nights, discussion evenings and bike decoration with children. Bicycology went on to the Big Green Gathering to run further activities, and then took part in the Camp for Climate Action near Heathrow, helping to run the bike library and, memorably, providing a ‘meals-on-wheels’ service with our bike trailers to protestors camped overnight at the BAA offices.

Bicycology wrote, designed and printed the Bicycology Guide, comprising over a dozen leaflets explaining the issues and ideas they are passionate about, from climate change to car culture, sustainable food to tetra-pac wallet making! The Guide continues to grow and evolve and has become an important part of the whole Bicycology project.

Bicycology continued activities through the winter into 2008, including building its first DIY tall bike and taking it to Durham car free day together with a Bicycology stall in January 2008. Another highlight was taking part in the London to Aldermaston bike ride in March 2008 with Pedals, our soundsystem.

“APE funding helped us achieve our aims and get Bicycology out there as a name to be reckoned with!” – Patrick Nicholson, Bicycology


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