Are biofuels part of the solution to climate change as the EU is actively promoting, or could the impacts of their production actually exacerbate climate change even further?

Most biofuels are produced in the Global South Education & Training and the environmental impacts of their production are immense: rainforests are uprooted and burned to make way for palm oil plantations, traditional food crops are replaced with ‘energy’ crops and indigenous, sustainable agriculture is being superseded by high-input industrial systems. EcoNexus aims to question and slow down the rush for biofuels, so as to provide a space for thorough examination of the issues and to ensure that those most impacted by biofuel production are heard. The ultimate aim is that targets for biofuel production are re-examined and alternatives such as the all-important understanding of fuel-efficiency are prioritised.

“We have worked on the problems of biofuels with organisations across Europe to call for an immediate moratorium on European Union incentives, imports of agro-fuels and agro-energy monocultures. 170 organisations have signed on since the launch in July on our website at Our grant from APE will help us to extend this vital work which will protect forests, biodiversity and support small farmers in the Global South Education & Training.” Econexus

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