Supporting communities at the fossil fuel frontline

For ten years, PLATFORM has specialised in tracking the oil and gas industry, particularly the two London-based oil majors, BP and Shell. PLATFORM is recognised as a centre of expertise, providing access to resources, analysis, news and contacts to relevant networks, the media, local and international NGOs working on oil and gas projects.

The project will build on successful struggles against climate change at points of fossil fuel extraction and to pioneer a sustainable model of international solidarity in a carbon-constrained world. PLATFORM’s Civil Society Campaigner will support the fenceline communities, workers’ organisations and grassroots movements that are challenging climate change by limiting the expansion and rate of extraction of oil corporations. Support will mostly take the form of research, media, campaigning, analysis, advice and training. The position will be based in the Global South Education & Training with the Campaigner living and working with groups directly struggling against fossil fuel exploration, extraction, refining and transport.


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