Raising awareness through art and humour

Ibstock Throbgoblins International provides not-for-profit, topical news-based cartoons highlighting connections between individual choices, collective actions, government/business activity and climate change. The strips use edgy humour to alert readers to issues, events and legislation through links to news stories and websites. The intention is to normalise climate change issues as a matter for everyday concern and engage a public often put off by a more formal approach, and encourage them to take action.

This funding will allow the expansion of the website by building it to a professional standard. To make it more proficient with themed tags for ease of navigation so that suitable material can be found quickly and easily by organisations and individuals for campaigning topics.

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this grant as it will enable us to provide a first class, comprehensive and accessible service far beyond our own limited means. It is also a great reinforcer of the value of our efforts, which we will now be able to make available to a much wider audience.” Throbgoblins

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