The choices we make determine the world we live in. It is time to choose another way of life, starting on Chooseday

Project Agora has been facilitating events on climate change in Bristol for some time now and has recognised the need to translate the widespread interest around climate change into more significant action. To that end, they are promoting Tuesdays as ‘Choosedays’ – the day where we choose to walk to work, buy local, organic food or simply switch of the TV and meet our friends in the park.

‘Chooseday’ is a different kind of day, one that involves simple, achievable goals that actively address climate change on a personal scale. They aim to capture the imagination of the whole city and hope that once the idea takes off, other cities will follow.

“The Chooseday campaign is currently being run on a shoestring. We have almost no funds. APE’s grant might just make the difference that allows us to catch the public imagination.” Chooseday

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