The most used, comprehensive and up to date source of climate change information on the internet

The Climate Ark web site promotes reductions in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and the end of deforestation, in order to begin the process of climate stabilization. Climate Ark provides unprecedented climate change search engines, news tracking and archiving, blogs, links, action alerts and more.

The project’s activities will focus on the continued development and implementation of a toolbox of information, strategies and products that harness emerging internet communication technologies to bring about positive climate change policy developments. It hopes to facilitate increased awareness of all the parties that are actively working towards mitigating climate change and to support grassroots climate campaigns.

This important work is almost entirely supported by small donors and is currently under-financed. So, supporting this project will enable the improvements that need to be made in order for Climate Ark to fulfil its potential as the best internet source of information on climate change.


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