Radical thought and direct action against the root causes of climate change

It is time to address the drastic need to reduce carbon emissions in Scotland, so building on the successes of the Camp for Climate Action over the past three years this year’s camp will create a strategy for reducing consumption and emissions throughout Scotland. It will look at how these solutions can be put into practice, whilst devising ways to stop some of the destructive environmental practices  that are currently wrecking Scotland’s beautiful landscapes and ecosystems. To do this, the camp will host a convergence of climate campaigners to discuss, share, and devise a strategy and direction for the climate movement in Scotland and then take their message around the country to some of the most marginalised communities in the UK, ending the summer with a direct action campas an example of sustainable living and targeting some of Scotland’s most polluting industries.

“We are delighted to recieve a grant and extremely grateful to APE for funding our projects this summer. APE’s contribution will be vital to the success and effectiveness of the plans we have and the changes we’ll create through them.” Climate Camp

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