In Spring 2010, APE funded the Smallholders’ Foundation in Kenya to produce and broadcast a 10-episode radio drama, written and directed by local farmers, about the emerging effects of climate change and how to mitigate them. The project reached hundreds of thousands of small farmers, and helped them in their daily struggle against climate change. In fact, it was so successful that it has since grown and transformed into ‘Climate Change on Air’ – a 20 episode radio serial drama currently broadcast in over 95 local government areas across 5 states, now reaching 3 million listeners every week. The drama serial, together with all scripts, is free to download from –

The project is now funded by The World Bank, but as Nanemeka Ikegwuonu, Executive Director of The Smallholders Foundation says, “We are grateful that these exciting developments came as a result of the initial project which APE funded us for. Thank you as always for your valued support.” It is hoped that the project will develop further to produce the dramas in comic format in 2 local languages, so that these can be made available to anyone who doesn’t have access to a radio.

Click here to visit The Smallholders’ Foundation for more information on their work


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