Global campaigning to raise awareness of the impact of agrofuels

Biofuelwatch works in the UK and US to raise awareness of the social, climate and environmental impacts of agrofuels and industrial bioenergy.  We work with community groups, different NGOs and social networks to campaign against the growing demand for agrofuels and large-scale wood-bioenergy in both countries. The project activities and thus APE’s funding will allow us to initiate and support more community-based campaign groups against agrofuel power stations (most will burn palm oil), and against large (in the UK mainly import-reliant) wood power stations, both of which threaten forests, communities and the climate. 

APE’s grant will also allow us to strengthen links between campaigners in different towns and countries and thus to facilitate the exchange of experience, materials and support, and to build more effective campaigns against the subsidies and policies which are behind these dangerous developments. 


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