Achieving permanent reductions in household greenhouse gas emissions by working directly with individuals and households

COIN’s focus is action-centred and their approach is to educate and inform people on the impacts and challenges of climate change, demonstrating the practical steps that people can take to reduce these impacts.

COIN identifies both the opportunities that enable people to reduce their emissions and the many obstacles that hold people back, and devise innovative and effective ways of communication that encourage people to share their experiences. In recognition that individuals cannot make the required changes on their own, they aim to create a powerful and vocal community of people working together to move technology, government and business forward to reduce emissions and make real and lasting changes to the way we live.

Supporting COIN will enable the growth of its climate change awareness projects, and organisational capacity-building. Amongst many ambitious programmes, the Climate Change Speaker Training aims to train over 1000 members of the public during 2007 to address public meetings with concise and accurate information about climate change. The Climate Change Speaker Series in partnership with the Bristol-based NGO, Agora, will deliver a series of speaker events in both Oxford and Bristol with well-known public figures attending and speaking.

Their Ecovation Initiative has numerous examples of ‘eco-renovated’ homes from across the UK, and the ‘Ecovation’ website launched in early 2007 represents one of the only resources in the world allowing ordinary members of the public to highlight their own work on mitigating their climate impact, and to exchange information with each other. Whilst the COIN Low Carbon Learning Network through partnerships with OneWorld, the Co-operative Group, and Hamlyn, hopes to build a network of people across the UK interested in learning about climate change solutions.

‘APE’s generous support of COIN will allow us to continue the expansion of our speaker training project, which teaches people how to speak effectively on climate change issues to their community.’

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