Making the link between forests, bio diversity and climate change

In Costa Rica, a region with pristine rainforests and incredible bio diversity, climate change is not yet part of the political or social agenda. Through publications, radio programs, research and workshops into climate change, forests and biodiversity, this project hopes to build a social ‘climate change movement’ in Costa Rica.

COECO plans to facilitate and co-ordinate an agenda to combat climate change which is not compromised by the conflicting self-interests of government and some environmental organisations.

Using current campaigns in Costa Rica, such as those that are developing sustainable energy models, campaigns against plantations and deforestation , the protection of bio diversity and the sustainable community management of natural resources, COECO hopes to build dialogue and facilitate the linking of these disparate projects under one umbrella.

An important focus is to link the advance of monocultures for biofuels with the loss of forest and biodiversity, and ultimately, to climate change. It will also act as an advocate for climate change issues by systemic analysis of current governmental policies and laws, with the aim of raising awareness and building social alliances which support conservation and appropriate development.


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