Drought in East Africa • floods in Bangladesh • fires across Russia • a hurricane that reached New York… If 2011 taught us anything, it’s that the world is changing: politics are changing, human communications are changing, and our planet is changing. 2011 saw more extreme weather –  more hurricanes, floods, and droughts then any year on record. But this isn’t a time to despair, it’s time to take action! These aren’t isolated events, these are symptoms of a global shift. Its time to Connect the Dots on climate change, and make sure the whole world is listening! in association with Artists Project Earth are launching a global participatory creative project to show the world that ‘This is Climate Change’ and to highlight the communities that are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The impacts of climate change are everywhere, but so are we. If your community is being affected, this is your day to share the reality of climate change with the world, or to stand in solidarity and share the stories of those who are already impacted. Whether your community is experiencing the effects of the drought in the UK or diminishing harvests in Africa, we’ll use the day to drive home a message to politicians and fossil fuel companies alike: “We’re connecting the dots: we know fossil fuels are changing our climate and causing extreme weather conditions. We are standing-up for climate justice and you’re standing in the way!”

Watch this video by writer Bill McKibben that helped to inspire this project.

Let’s be clear: Climate change isn’t a problem just for our grandchildren and the polar bears, climate change is affecting people and our planet right now. But before we can have global action on climate change, first people need to understand the urgency. The science of climate change has been around for years but isn’t proving to be enough: we need to make sure people understand the reality of climate change on an emotional level. We invite you to use your creativity to put your community on the map of the global story that ‘This is Climate Change’. We’ll need to communicate in new ways to reach people’s hearts, highlighting and amplifying the stories of those who are already living within a changed environment. From land art to direct action, let’s make everyone understands what is at stake.

Join on May 5th 2012 to show this world for what it truly is: a deeply beautiful but changed planet, full of people fighting to make it better. It’s time to Connect the Dots.

Click here for some creative ideas on how to participate. For questions, comments or to brainstorm ideas: feel free to contact 

The impacts of climate change are everywhere, but so are we….


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