With extreme weather, massive species extinctions, and melting ice caps becoming a dire reality, it is high time for us to come together to take firm actions against the root causes of climate change

When organisations and groups work together towards a shared goal, the sum of their actions is greater than that of their parts. With this in mind, the umbrella group  ‘Rising Tide North America’ is organising three geographically separate ‘Convergences for Climate Action’ during the summer of 2007. These Convergences will offer an opportunity for organisations to network, skill-share and strategise on how regional groups can work together to combat climate change. The Convergences will aim to promote a just and rapid transition away from fossil fuels, and to get the message across they will be located in areas whose environments are heavily-impacted by the fossil-fuel industry.

“In the summer of 2007 we held two Convergences for Climate action in the United States, one on the west coast in Skamokawa, Washington, the other in the south east near Ashville, North Carolina. Since they were such a success this year we are already planning bigger convergences for summer ’08. For more information check out”

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