A zero-carbon method of transporting sound and performance equipment

“The Hammer & Tongue Pedal-Powered Stage combines music, prose and levity with goo old-fashioned showmanship for the ultimate oratory delight! My personal festival favourite!” – Aemi Blaza, Director of Arcane Festival

Cyc Du Soleil is an exciting demonstration of sustainable technology in action. We harness renewable and creative energy to run high-quality, low carbon entertainment in the UK.

We combine energy from solar panels and bicycle generators in an electrifying ‘cyclosunthesis’. The electricity produced has the capacity to run a 500W PA system, amps, stage lights and CD mixer decks. We use the system to showcase musicians, DJs and interactive poetry workshops.

We can run a stage at any event and in any location without the need of a mains supply. The constant drone of a petrol generator is replaced by the gentle whirr of cycle wheels. If silent running is required, we can run the system on fully-charged batteries.


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