Make a Donation – Make a Difference

picture_3_4As of January 2018, Artists Project Earth has funded over 400 projects globally that tackle climate change mitigation, adaptation and awareness raising as well as providing funds for natural disaster relief.To date, all the projects we have supported have been funded by the sales of our albums. But, if you felt able to support our work with a donation (which we could claim Gift Aid on if you are a UK tax-payer) then we would be delighted and grateful.

Artists Project Earth are known as the “Fairy God-Funders of the Climate Change Movement” because we will fund projects that other funders will not support – projects that address climate injustice in poorer communities; projects that challenge the political status quo and projects that develop solutions for a more just and sustainable world. Projects like the radio drama ‘My Climate, Your Climate’ funded by APE which has now received support from the World Bank and scaled-up to a 20 episode radio drama being broadcast to over 3 million listeners every week, giving advice to people in rural Africa about how to adapt to a changing climate.

“More than any other funder, APE demonstrates an understanding of the immense challenges facing community projects tackling climate change,” said Claire Milne of Bristol Community Food Hub, co-funded by APE

“APE funds could not have been more useful, or more timely, enabling us to raise 40,000 tree seedlings and securing our project’s immediate future,” said Mike Hands of The Inga Foundation which is developing alternatives to slash and burn agriculture in Honduras.

“The Mali Elephant Project is so far working better than we ever hoped. We are extremely grateful to APE,” said Dr Susan Canney whose research is finding solutions to problems of drought and over-grazing in the country.

“We would really like to thank Artists Project Earth for giving us this fantastic opportunity to reach out and inspire people from all walks of life to work towards a sustainable future!” said Eleanor Farnsworth from the Centre for Alternative Technology.


… to put all this good work in perspective…

In 2009/10, overall UK grants made to climate change mitigation totalled just £15.8 million; in the same year, the National Galleries in London and Edinburgh raised £50 million in four months to purchase a single painting.

Your donation will support really ground-breaking work throughout the world which is helping to bring-forth a better future for everyone. Thank You!