The EAT collective is a group of individuals working on a voluntary basis to organise Earth Activist Training in the UK

The members of the collective are all actively involved in ecological activism, permaculture projects and community projects. They aim to inspire and enable participants to found long-term land projects to preserve remaining forested areas and promote land-based ecological communities and ecologically focused urban communities. Previous courses have seeded long-term land and community cooperative projects in the UK and Spain in addition to contributing to the organisation and design of the ‘Camp for Climate Action’.

The EAT course which will take place at the Landmatters co-operative in Devon in July 2009 and will provide twenty-two participants with a two-week residential course including: a rigorous full permaculture design certificate; skills-sharing on activist issues and methods and creative solutions to climate change. An important part of selecting participants is their existing engagement with community and activist projects, so that they can use and share the skills learnt on the course with a wider community.


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