Strengthening the momentum against the inclusion of forests and lands into the carbon markets.

The project aimed to assist strengthening communities and grassroots movements in the resistance against carbon markets and REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries). The insertion of land and forests into carbon markets and other types of environmental services are main focuses to confront the expansion of a neoliberal ‘green’ economy. To this end, the project worked with grassroots organisations and environmental justice campaigners to bridge the gap between emerging policies and local struggles in order to expand resistance on these complex issues.

CTW created a series of popular education booklets with partner organisation, Indigenous Environment Network that were made downloadable for free on the internet and distributed in key meetings. The booklets were divided into three key areas, one focused on REDD+ and climate change (“What is REDD+?”, English and Spanish); Key players in REDD+ (“Who benefits from REDD+?”, English and Spanish); and REDD+ and the carbon market (“Why REDD+ is happening?”, English and Portuguese): 

Workshop in Quito November 2011Workshop in Quito November 2011Several workshops were held in Ecuador, South Africa and Guatemala based on the popular education dynamics from the booklets. In Brazil we realized the importance of translations in order to disseminate very much needed information about this scheme.

The key outcome is that grassroots movements will be better prepared for a wave of new carbon market “contracts” and legislation that commodify forests and land-based carbon. Building common strategies with a wide range of social movement and civil society actors will amplify these impacts.


“We are very happy to receive funding from APE for allowing us to finish the popular education materials and Land Publication Translations, which are most of the times overlooked although very much requested by communities that need accessible and useful information. Thanks for making the process possible. Muchas gracias!”

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