The Converging World’s (TCW)  EnergyMap project takes public energy consumption data and makes it accessible to all so it can be used for the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon. 

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) publishes very detailed annual figures on UK electricity and gas consumption. This is done in the hope that it will be used to inform action on saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.  The figures, however, are presented in confusing spreadsheets that are difficult to relate back to geographical areas.

Energy Mapping presents complex information effectivelyEnergy Mapping presents complex information effectivelyPresenting complex information in easily understandable formatsPresenting this information online will allow a variety of people working in energy saving organisations, members of the public or public sector workers to use it to target action on reducing consumption or stimulating behaviour change.  

The EnergyMap tool will allow people to compare energy consumption across regions, find the highest energy consumption in a region and compare their bills to there neighbours among other things. 

Combining this with other socio-economic and house conditions data will identify areas at risk of fuel poverty and those where cheap energy saving can be accomplished using simple insulation schemes. The tool also lends itself to being an education tool, giving adults and children alike better energy literacy. It will also show people the carbon impact and costs of their consumption engaging those with different interests.

Among other things EnergyMap will allow TCW to seek out communities who have excessive energy consumption so they can be supported directly to reduce it.

We are overjoyed to receive this generous funding from APE UK. It will allow us to begin work on what we, and many people who work in community energy, believe is a vital tool in cutting energy use and carbon emissions.

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