To strengthen technical skills and resources in communities with tools, knowledge and technology through the production of Biochar briquettes.

Millennium Poverty Eradication Program (MPEP) received a grant from APE to implement a project called ‘Enhancing Community Resilience in Busia District, Eastern Uganda’.

This project intends to target forest communities living in Bushitema forest region that dependent charcoal and fuel wood for their livelihoods. Because of their dependence on forests, lack of economic diversity and the outside control of natural resources, the communities of Busia County are vulnerable to economic shocks resulting from forests disappreance.

MPEP will partner with local government offices, churches and local NGOs to develop the asset base and identify potential youth and women to receive training in improved energy technology and social enterprise, that will give them stewardship work opportunities, finding and developing markets for forest products that can be sustainably produced by local residents. They will be recruited across the district to attend one week training course that will enable them to utilize biomass resources to make charcoal briquettes, fertilize and to promote biochar farming in the region.

Biomass ecosystem management will offer communities new economic opportunities through provision of sustainable energy that has the potential to lift or keep households out of poverty and to develop small businesses.

The funds will help us to reconnect forest communities in proper utilization of Biomass that includes crop residues, plant weeds, dry leaves, dead woods and cuttings from bushes in the forest as well as twigs of forest and fodder trees is abundantly available in forest areas.

The funds will help us to build their knowledge, skills in new energy technology that will provide sustainable rural livelihoods to these communities in Eastern Uganda. This will increase benefits to local communities, but also because it should result in better management and healthier forests by drawing on local knowledge of specific sites, greater opportunities for cost effectiveness and closer links between the government and the desired outcomes.

We shall engage these communities in energy investment of properly utilization of biomass resources in production of charcoal briquettes, Biochar stoves, fertilizer and in Biochar farming, and in tree planting programs so that local communities have a share in the benefits from nearby forests, a voice in decision-making and an active role in forest management.

The funds will help us to engage communities in environmental and climate change campaigns

This project can be a viable form of economic development because it builds on the existing talents and resources found in forest communities. This project is a pilot to establish a model that could be duplicated in other parts of Eastern Uganda.

The news that received a grant from APE was great astounding good news and a big step in the war against climate change. We are privileged to receive this award from the APE and MPEP is committed to improving the communities and environments in which we operate. This project is one example of the many steps we take to reduce emissions and achieve better briquette charcoal for efficiency cooking in our operations throughout the region.

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