The future of everything is in our hands

We need new approaches that trigger collective shifts in public consciousness and support for climate action. Environment 2.0 is a programme of artists’ commissions, exhibitions, performances and interventions which investigate climate change and explore innovative methods of engaging the public with this global issue.

Environment 2.0 will be the visual arts element of the Futuresonic Urban Festival of Art, Music and Ideas held in Manchester from 13-16th May 2009. Projects will take place in gallery settings, in unusual public spaces and on the streets, as well as online, connecting the programme with a global audience. Two central projects involve partnerships with the Met Office, the Natural History Museum and Lancaster University and also the Urban Research Collective.

The goal is to present complex and challenging environmental issues in humorous and playful ways. It is hoped this will inspire communities who might not have an explicit and enquiring connection to the environment to become enthused enough to tackle climate change in personal and often unexpected ways.

Future Everything is an ongoing project all about discovering and celebrating the latest developments at the intersection of arts and technology. We find and share the small sparks that grow into fresh ways of seeing the world.


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