‘Save the World’ learning packs help young people to connect with climate change issues

Digital Voice for Communities allows young people to express themselves through video, audio, digital photography, animation, ‘VJ’ (video-jock) performance, print and the web. Digital Voice for Communities have tried, tested and developed twelve activities which especially encourage hard-to-reach groups to become interested in climate change and motivated to change their lifestyles. Via their ‘Save the World’ information learning packs they now aim to roll-out the project throughout the NE of England. The information they contain will help to reduce individual carbon footprints.

DVC hope to reach large numbers of people and raise awareness of issues at ten local festivals including Newcastle Greenfest and the Middlesbrough Mela, reaching young people from diverse communities and low income areas. Thirty disadvantaged community groups will also be targetted through workshops and more young people through other workshop activities. They will draw on a bank of climate change imagery/graphics, discuss their meaning and learn how to perform a VJ set, culminating in performances at festivals and clubs.

They will consolidate their commitment through regular newsletters.