Providing the tools to take action for change

The Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) was formed in 2004 to directly engage the public about climate change. It aims to create a powerful and vocal community of people working together to move technology, government and business forward to reduce emissions and make real and lasting changes to the way we live. It is committed to trailing new methods of peer-peer communication and action and reporting on what they learn. In this way, they assist the wider climate change movement to adopt effective strategies derived from evidence-based research. Through extensive research on other sites dealing with climate change COIN have discovered that most materials are poorly written, even contradictory and do not provide enough detailed information.

Many people who do not identify themselves as ‘green’ are often alienated or insulted by the materials produced by dedicated campaigners. The Project, Flipping Point is a website designed in an eclectic and peer-to-peer style to filter people into taking personal action on climate change. For example by answering a few questions about themselves people can be offered a package based on their personality type, their politics, their faith and age. The idea is to make it personal and avoid the ‘one size fits all’ approach of other sites. There will also be a comprehensive ‘what you can do’ list of action topics including lifestyle change, home renovation, transport options, change in the workplace, through to political campaigning and direct action.


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