Gadgets That Can Help the Environment

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In a world that revolves around, and to some extent relies on technology, we thought we’d take a look at some gadgets available that are also environmentally-friendly:

  1. Eco-friendly speakers

As you know, we’re big on music, and what could be better than combining our love of music and the environment by tuning into some eco-friendly speakers? There are lots of options available, from Handcrafted Natural Bamboo to those made using recycled products.

  1. Eco kettle

Why not make yourself your morning cup of tea using an eco-friendly kettle? These tend to let you only boil the water you need, saving water and energy. Again, there are lots of products available to buy, we like the ECO Kettle, which allows you to boil the water to the perfect drinking temperature.

  1. Energy saving sockets

Leaving appliances on stand-by is a well-known environmental no-no, it’s bad on the purse and the environment. Some people forget or are reluctant to do so, but we’ve found some energy saving sockets that use a controlled timer to switch off your equipment after a selected time. This removes the risk of appliances being left on accidentally and any additional stand-by power consumption.

  1. Smart lighting

Philips has created a wireless lighting system that lets you control your light and create whatever ambiance your mood is taking you in. Controlled by an app, the Philips Hue lighting system offers three types of smart lights that come in different shapes, sizes and models, it’s a great investment if you’d like to save energy (and money) on lighting in the long-term.

  1. Solar charging

Many of us have smartphones and/or tablets and most of these require daily charging, which is bad for the environment and our wallets. There are many options available for solar charging units, we like the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit, £105 from Amazon. Fully charged within six or seven hours, it can charge cameras, smartphones and tablets, proving to be a well-rounded alternative to traditional charging methods.

Are there any must-have gadgets that you use regularly? Share them with us over on the Artists Project Earth Facebook Page using #APEtech.



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