An inspiring campaign to plant a billion trees

The Green World Campaign (GWC) has a bold mission: to restore the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places through global tree planting.   It will do this by catalyzing a movement of global citizens to scale-up efforts to plant billions of trees — an effort which would help mitigate climate change.

In order to catalyse such action, the GWC seeks to create multi-media presentations and outreach strategies that inform and engage the public about this vital task for the whole global village. GWC aim to produce an entertaining, emotionally and intellectually engaging 12-minute  hi-definition video which will feature documentary footage along with flash animation explaining the vital relationship of trees to carbon capture, poverty alleviation, bioremediation, biodiversity, and the cultural preservation.

A special GREEN WORLD MAP will be designed for use in the video and other settings, from presentations to classrooms. It will show changes in tree coverage and engaging visual information about the participating villages.This map will be integral to an E-CARD that will enable the public to gift loved ones with trees.

“We started the Green World Campaign with the seed of an idea: “What can we accomplish as global citizens if we really put our minds to it?” The answer: Just about anything.” Green World Campaign

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