Accelerating the adoption of sustainable construction and the introduction of micro-technology into the urban environment

The Greenhouse Trust has worked on issues relating to sustainable construction and energy for more than a decade. The Trust’s building is a landmark refurbishment of a Grade II* listed building in Norwich which demonstrates in very practical ways, the many environmental choices that can be applied to both existing and new architecture.

Currently the City and County Council have a ‘Core Strategy Plan’ which includes the building of 35,000+ luxury homes in and around Norwich. This is being challenged by social and environmental organisations across the County. The project will focus on a series of training and planning for real events in the Greenhouse, for architects, policy makers, local government officials, Councillors and members of the public to create a portfolio of design and ideas on an action plan. It is hoped that this will encourage a rapid adoption of plans that deliver affordable, small-scale, energy efficient, sustainable urban housing, appropriate to climate change mitigation. These events will be launched on the tail of the national ‘Open Buildings’ events being co-ordinated by CPRE Norfolk starting late September.


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