Raising awareness of the links between food production and climate change

Happy Kitchen will be located in the East London area for a period of 12 months.  It will be a ‘kitchen’/canteen/social centre which aims to make healthy, sustainable, local and therefore low-carbon food, accessible to all. It will show all age groups ways of cooking within the English seasons and raise public understanding about how the link between eating more of a plant based and local diet can play a massive part in combating climate change which, to a great part, hinders people in developing countries from being able to grow their own food.

Happy Kitchen will bring its food and message to people through catering events at schools, businesses and NGOs.  It will have stalls at London Farmers’ Markets and its produce will be available from East London Health Food stores, local cafes and grocery stores. Happy Kitchen will also donate a minimum of 10% of their profits to Action Against Hunger (AAH) and climate change mitigating projects in developing countries.

“We are so pleased to be offered funding from such a great organisation. It’s really wonderful to share in a joint vision of sustainability and to work together to stop climate change. Thank-you APE!!” Happy Kitchen

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