Helping the Environment with Sustainable Laundry

Our Fashion Footprint series has looked at how the current methods of manufacturing clothes are harmful to our environment, and how we can reduce our fashion footprint with recycling clothing and being a bit more spendthrift. In the final blog of our series, we look at the small changes we can make in our every day lives to help the environment:

1. White vinegar: This is a great alternative to harmful fabric conditioners as it naturally softens clothes without leaving a residue on laundry – and it really doesn’t smell!

2. Turn it down: If you wash your clothes on a cooler setting – even cold – it saves energy and can even prevent the colours from running, bonus!

3. Wear for longer: It can be tempting to wash clothes with every small spill, but clothing such as jeans have delicate fibres that are damaged with every wash. Save your clothes and the environment by spot cleaning with a sponge.

4. Air dry your clothes: Tempting as it is in the winter months to throw your clothes into the tumble dryer, by air drying you are saving energy and also increasing the lifespan of your clothes, which tend to shrink or even misshape in the dryer.

5. Learn to sew: Often people dispose of clothing with small tears in, or with broken zips. There are some basic techniques you can learn (hire a book from the library or YouTube videos) that can teach you how to repair clothes, or even jazz them up with some patches. What could be more glam than having a bespoke wardrobe?!

6. Fill it up: When you put a wash cycle on, make sure the machine is full, machines are more efficient when used for full loads, not only will it help the environment but your electricity bill will be reduced too!

7. Concentrate: Use concentrated washing detergent, not only does it use less plastic packaging, but because the product takes up less shipping space etc. the carbon footprint is lower too.

8. Don’t feel the need to iron: Music to my ears! Ironing can be a chore and actually it’s not always necessary to iron every garment. If you fold clothes once they’ve dried, or hang them up to dry you’ll find the creases naturally drop out.


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