Building a country-wide coalition to create an irresistible public mandate for political action to stop human-induced climate change

This is the goal of the ‘I Count Communities’ project and to achieve this goal, they are developing an interactive online map to reflect the many local grassroots activities that are already in existence, thereby enhancing their ability to really make a difference by sharing best practice with other communities and providing a source of inspiration and connectedness. The belief is that together, we can make a difference and that there is a great deal of really good work already going on – we just need to know more about it.

“The financial support of APE UK has come at a crucial time for us here at I Count. Backed by over 60 UK charities in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, the I Count campaign ismobilising its existing supporter base, as well as new audiences, to generate the irresistible public mandate for strong emission targets in the UK’s draft climate bill going through parliament this autumn. With a coordinated programme of MP visits across the country and the launch of the I Count Communities online map, APE UK’s support will certainly help I Count inspire and enable collective positive action on climate change.” I count

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