Tools for Transformation: participating in real, grassroots, community-based solutions

John Seed’s ‘Climate Change Despair & Empowerment Roadshows’ aim to catalyse, invigorate and support a dynamic and strong climate change movement across Australia. Through the existing network of Climate Study/Action Groups in Australia, the Roadshows raise awareness and inspire political action for real, grassroots, community-based solutions and they also provide resources and information to facilitate these projects.

The Roadshows consist of multi-media presentations, discussions on the psychology of despair and empowerment, and how to get active and participate in the myriad solutions that are emerging within local climate study/action groups.

“Our previous roadshow was one of the factors which led, a week or two before the Australian elections, to Bob Carr promising to protect all remaining old-growth forests in northern New South Wales and a few weeks after the elections honouring this with the reservation of 65,000 hectares. APE’s grant will help us to continue this vital work.” John Seed, Founder

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