An education- and training-based awareness project bringing the facts and issues of global climate change to those most impacted by its consequences.

The project structure consists of a multi-purpose training institute for women to be constructed in a coastal village of south India. From this institute we hope to perform climate change education and disaster management training through workshops and similar activities concentrating upon the women population of the coastal fishing village. These project-targeted villages are experiencing sudden changes in tidal patterns and sea levels and also the people bordering coastal regions are experiencing changes in monsoon patterns which creates anxiety and insecurity. People are unaware of the global situation and constantly fear the unknown as a result of impressions left with them from the south Asian tsunami in 2004.

Know Climate Changes is aimed at creating an awareness amongst these people by providing them with workshops that cover aspects of climate change, humans responsibility for causing climate change, the effects, the aftermaths and ways to prevent climate change, usage of renewable and non renewable energy, plans for a sustainable futures and aspects of alternativee sources of renewable energy. The workshops will also include disaster management training involving preparedness and mitigation, safer settlements and other aspects. The workshops are also designed in a way to focus upon construction of community-based infrastructure bringing together different people and initiating them to work as a group. Apart from this, the institute will also act as a hub providing a work area for students and researchers working on climate change and disaster management training along the coastal regions of south India.

The project will reflect upon the emergencies we face due to climate change and how as a group of people we can help overcome.  



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