Setting the framework for a second Climate Change Protocol

Kyoto2 aims to come up with a set of proposals for a second Climate Protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Kyoto1 expires in 2012 and there is a need for Kyoto2, a system for the global regulation of greenhouse gas emissions that has a real chance of being effective while also potentially raising billions of dollars a year to invest in tackling the causes and consequences of climate change.

Kyoto2 proposes some radical and profound changes to the existing climate protocol which will enable it to build on the progress already made. These include creating a unified global system for regulating greenhouse gas emissions, the allocation of greenhouse gas production quotas and caps and the allocation of funds raised from emissions quotas.

Funding this project will enable further research and development into the complex issues of creating global regulatory systems, and will facilitate the understanding of the economic implications these systems will have. It will also help in the promotion of Kyoto2 via meetings, symposia and conferences.

“This grant represents an important vote of confidence in the Kyoto2 initiative and one that comes at a critical time. The funds provided will be the first received and will therefore enable us to extend our activities and campaigning into new areas where lack of finance had previously blocked participation.” Oliver Tickell, Kyoto2

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