#LeaveItOnTheShelf: Continuing Our Plastic Plight

The use, and more so the overuse of plastics in our supermarkets is a hot topic, and deservedly so. Approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced around the world every year and around 12 per cent is recyclable; leaving an enormous amount to pile up in landfill sites or more often, wash up in our oceans.

We are gradually seeing more people lament the overuse of packaging from our large supermarkets who seem intent on wrapping everything in film. What happened to letting fresh fruit and vegetables breathe? And to choosing pieces of fruit and vegetables for ourselves?

#LeaveItOnTheShelf is a movement that is encouraging people to leave unnecessary plastic on the shelves. Why? Well why not make it the problem of the supermarkets and shops intent on using the excessive packaging?  It’s one way that we can make a stand to show organisations that we won’t accept them making money by shrouding fresh fruit and vegetables in harmful plastics.

Supermarkets are more interested in profit than the environment, so if we all start leaving plastic packaging for them to dispose of, we will be targeting their purse, which will undoubtedly make them re-think their policies.

So far our plastic plight has seen the UK-wide ban on microbeads announced and the highly successful introduction of the plastic bag tax. We have proven that together, people power can make a difference, but we must keep the momentum going, for the future of our oceans and for future generations.

If you would like to get involved with the #LeaveItOnTheShelf campaign, you can do so here.


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