If we want to buy a product that is guaranteed to work, we can usually get it ‘off the shelf’. Similarly, if governments want a policy that has been proven to work, wouldn’t it be great if they could get it ‘off the shelf’ too?

The Legislative Action Project (LAP) is a key element of the World Future Council’s campaign to encourage a revolution in our energy systems. The LAP will develop a one-stop clearinghouse for ‘climate-friendly’ legislation that will provide parliamentarians with the tools and support they need to envisage and enact laws that will be effective in protecting the climate. Combining examples of already successful legislation with expert legal analysis, while giving the technical expertise necessary to design and implement effective laws, the ultimate aim is to develop and introduce the laws necessary to combat climate change.

“Thanks to this kind donation, the WFC, as the voice of futuregenerations is able to speak up for the needs and rights of future life, and this project in particular goes a long way to providing a just and sustainable future for coming generations to live in peace and prosperity.” World Future Council

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