Developing a new music culture in Mexico driven by artistic expressions that emphasize human values ​​and promote social development and environmental education.

There is not a single young person in the world who doesn´t like music. Using the importance of music to society, we intend to help focus youth’s attention on the need for social wellbeing, environmental justice and peaceful communities. This will be the objective of our project and we will achieve it through conservation activities, musical performances, music competitions, school visits and activities to let people know that the music is not just about rhythms, it’s also about feelings and actions!

Social changeSocial changeThis will be achieved through visits to indigenous communities to make concerts, art workshops and training that will be presented in the state of Sonora, in the search to promote the participation of young people, to consider their ideas, to serve as a source of motivation and commitment that is needed to improve living conditions.

Life’s Reflect “Reflejo de Vida” is a project that absorbs the interest of young people about the importance of the state of the world’s and what they can do about it. Through the activities mentioned above, they can learn and achieve professionally-recorded musical pieces written and performed by them, and this is something that today is still a dream for many young musicians.

Connecting through musicConnecting through musicThis project is not just to show musical talent, it is a tool to express what you feel and what you think might be a solution to local and global problems. We will reach more than 1,500 young people with this project and will work in partnership with 8 organizations.

We use the music to let people know about the solutions; we express our positive feelings the best way we can – through music.

We thank APE and we are very excited because we can continue with our project and make it bigger. We will promote a new culture in Mexico driven by artistic expressions that emphasize human values, social development and environmental education.

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