To minimize adverse effects of climate change through local community adaptation efforts and to reduce poverty through agricultural productivity enhancement. 

The project will be implemented in GamoGofa zone of South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ (SNNP) Region of Ethiopia in Daramalo district in four selected communities locally known as Kebeles.

The Project area has been characterized by deforestation, poor watershed management practices and meager forest coverage which led to a harmful domino effect to the climatic conditions (weather inconsistency and increase of temperature) and land degradation. The increment in temperature caused occurrences of new animal and plant diseases in the highlands which were not common in the past. Land productivity has declined in the area due to shortage of organic matter which has debilitating effect on the livelihoods of small farmers.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the global and national efforts to mitigate adverse effects of climate change through local community adaptation efforts; to replenish vegetation cover, land fertility and moisture; and thereby to enhance small holder household income.

The project has the following specific objectives:

1. To restore depleted indigenous tree biomass on 80 smallholder plots in line with agro-forestry practices;

2. To lay ground for agro-forestry induced enrichment of land fertility and moisture to the targeted plots;

3. To create additional household income of ETB 83,960 to 80 smallholder households.

Project Duration

The project implementation has been planned for one year (November 1/2012 – October 31/2013).


The major activities of the project are the following:

  • Seed Collection
  • Nursery Preparation
  • Nursery Development 
  • Transplanting
  • Nurturing the Trees
  • Community Taskforce Follow up

Targeted Groups: The targeted groups of this project are the smallholder household heads who have been actively taking part in the climate change awareness forums of our Participatory Video for Sustainable Development Project, which is the project supported by InsightShare. The Targeting will also take into consideration community members who are at the frontline of the local development endeavors.  

Project Outputs

The outputs of the project are 80 farming plots practiced with agro-forestry of land fertility and moisture enriching indigenous tree species; 5,000 indigenous trees newly planted and grown in the beneficiary villages; Additional household income of Birr ETB 83,960 to 80 small holder earned by communities in a form of incentive for implementation; 48 female headed households, 32male headed households as well as 16 Community Task Force members participated as direct beneficiaries of household income and grown trees.

We are grateful to APE (Artist Project Earth) for awarding us a grant to support the implementation of our Local Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Livelihood Enhancement Project with Gamo communities in Southern Ethiopia. This grant will enable us to include communities into the project and make sure most of the previously planned communities are engaged in the local fight against Climate Change and Chaos. Many thanks to APE!

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