London’s Camp for Climate Action is part of a national movement taking action against climate change

They work autonomously but in close cooperation and coordination with groups from other regions around the country. The Camp adopts the four aims of education, sustainable living, direct action, and movement building and works under the following three principles:

1. Climate change is already happening and its effects will be catastrophic if we don’t act now.

2. New technology and market-based solutions are not enough to address the problem – tackling climate change will require radical social change.

3. There is a need to work together in our communities to come up with solutions. We cannot rely on business and government to bring about the radical changes that are needed.

The project aims to build the movement against irreversible climate change with specific focus on the coal industry and the proposed building of a new power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, followed by 6 others in the UK. Through a series of monthly events over a 6 month period taking the form of public meetings, learn-ins, and workshops, they aim to create a space to learn about the issues surrounding climate change, to mainstream direct action and encourage people to engage in activism, and ultimately to make sure activists are well-informed and practically well-prepared.


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