Supporting the Low Carbon Communities Network

Low Carbon Communities Network aims to encourage the adoption of low carbon and zero carbon technologies and lifestyles at a community level, and to enable groups engaged in this to be as efficient as possible. Its focus is on greater community and political awareness for action and to be an effective lobbying body to create a significant media and political profile to influence the UK stance at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

On 4th October 2008 the Low Carbon Communities Network will host a national conference for low carbon community groups in Langollen, Wales. The conference has been widely seen by communities as a necessary step to develop significant and long lasting carbon reduction in community projects and to encourage a common purpose in their communities. Funding will enable a member of staff to do administrative tasks and pay volunteer expenses to the growing number of enquiries from community groups during and after the conference.

“The Low Carbon Communities Network is hosting a conference in Llangollen, Wales on 4th October 2008 for low carbon / transition communities. Funding from Artists Project Earth will enable us to support volunteers to co-ordinate the activities of the network and encourage skills and knowledge sharing between community groups. We have built strong links with other organisations and already a number of community groups have contacted us for advice and support. For more details take a look at our website.” Low Carbon Communities Network

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