Using the power of the imagination to help stabilise the climate

TippingPoint will be holding its fifth annual and much celebrated event in Oxford in September 2009,where climate scientists and a wide range of artists and musicians meet and explore the cultural dimension of climate change, resulting in a body of art works on the subject. TippingPoint’s ethos is that “art changes individuals and individuals change society”. As climate change requires a such a momentous societal shift, it is imperative that artists and musicians lend their creative imagination to the problems we face today, and the support of Artists’ Project Earth in this endeavour will enable a musicians from many different backgrounds to participate in the event.

“We see our role as being one of finding constructive ways of engaging creative artists with climate change, and helping them explore the real challenges of bringing it deeply into their work. This grant will allow us to extend our activity to more artists, and in particular to musicians.” Tipping Point

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