Coping in a period of climate change

‘My Climate, Our Climate, Others’ Climate….coping in a climate change period’ is a 10 episode radio serial drama on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The project has trained 30 women small farmers to produce and broadcast the 10 episode climate change radio drama, featuring a series of climate risk management strategies in the local Igbo language. The radio drama is being aired over Orient FM Imo State public radio station, with an estimated reach of 4.5 million listeners for four months from August 2010.

Each of the 10 episode radio dramas addresses specific climate risk management topic enabling rural poor farmers to mitigate and adapt towards the negative impacts of climate change.

*STOP PRESS* The 10 episode radio drama ‘My Climate, Your Climate, Others’ Climate’ which APE funded in Round 8 has since grown and transformed to “Climate Change on Air”. The project has now received support from the World Bank and scaled-up to a 20 episode radio serial drama being presently broadcasted in over 95 local government areas across 5 states reaching 3 million listeners every week, and is free to download to any organization: respect.



The project is:

Strengthening the climate risk management capacity of smallholder farmers in Imo State while stimulating the development of indigenous climate risks management techniques that secures livelihoods

Increasing smallholders’ knowledge of climate change, enabling them to prepare effectively for mitigation and adaptation

Increasing smallholders’ ability to make changes in the community and organize themselves to take action against climate change

Building a state-wide momentum that will lead state and local government to take action in reducing the vulnerability of smallholders to climate change

Achieved outcomes as of 1st September 2010: 

We have selected and trained a team of 30 women smallholder farmers drawn from the 27 local government areas of Imo State, Nigeria. The women received training to develop the drama scripts and animate the climate change radio drama. We then organized and concluded a 2 weeks training workshop for the team, imparting them with skills in writing entertaining radio broadcast scripts, developing radio serial dramas, performing radio dramas and operating radio simple broadcast equipment. We also held a 2-week Focus Group discussion with the team, facilitated by The Smallholders Foundation, used to draw up and animate the 10 episode drama, with each drama lasting for a broadcast period of 30 minutes.

The team of 30 women smallholder farmers have animated the 10 episode climate change educational radio drama. The 10 Episode covered topics are:

Sustainable water and soil management

Mixed cropping

Minimizing bush burning and restoring degraded rainforest

Constructing contour bunds around farmlands to prevent erosion and flooding

Enacting and enforcing laws to protect community streams and rivers

Growing heat- and salt-tolerant crops

Livestock management practices

Restoring degraded areas

Coping with extreme weather events

Leading community action

Production of radio drama 

Farmers listening to the radio dramaFarmers listening to the radio dramaWe have concluded production of 5 of the radio dramas to date. We have added jingles and sound effects on them at the studios of The Smallholders Foundation. Advertisement airtime has been sold to buyers. Several advertisement slots lasting for 2 minutes each were created in the drama for such adverts. We are currently undertaking the production of the outstanding 5 episodes.

Mobilization of smallholders and formation of smallholder’s listeners clubs

Leveraging our long standing partnership with local government chapters of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), community based organizations, village men and women associations, village farmer crop variety clubs and community age grade associations we have established 21 out of our envisaged 27 Smallholder Listeners Club. We are presently concluding negotiations on the establishment of the 6 remaining Listeners Clubs. We have provided the 21 Smallholder Listeners a solar powered radio and an AIR device.

Broadcasting of radio drama

On Wednesday 25th of August we broadcasted Episode 1 of the radio drama on ‘Sustainable water and soil management in a period of climate change’. This was through Imo State Radio Broadcasting Station Orient 94.8 FM. We established a partnership with the radio station through the State Government and they extended a 75% airtime discount rate to us. Furthermore, 80% of sales generated from adverts coming in during the broadcasts will be held by the Smallholders Foundation and 20% goes to the radio stations. The remaining episodes will be broadcasted through this radio station over a 4 months period from August 2010, an episode every Wednesday of the week.


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