Promoting local communities to climate change adoption for water stressed communities in Uganda.

NAPE (National Association of Professional Environments) has built on its capacity to mobilise and educate communities on issues of natural resource management. Mainly forestry management and land use. It works closely with a local community based organisation in Luwero District (Central part of Uganda) called Rural Environmental Advocacy – Uganda (REA-Uganda). Apart from suffering the effects of climate change Luwero was devastated by the 1980 – 86 war.  During the war forests were cut down or burnt by the government to fight the ‘bush rebels’. Consequently, rivers dried up and land became unproductive. The surviving communities are now left trying to come to terms with the harsh environment characterised by long spells of draught, poor soils, and poor farming methods.  The project will draw special attention of the challenges of water on vulnerable communities within the region and promote local initiatives like rain water harvesting technologies. Central places like schools, churches and mosques will construct water tanks that will use rain water for domestic consumption.          

“Thank you for selecting NAPE for this grant. This grant will go a long way in addressing the plight of the water stressed communities in this part of the country where people have constantly suffered from persistent draughts and other effects of climate change.” NAPE

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